Monday, February 12, 2018

Albert Park's class artwork from 2004

Way back in the earlier years of The Animation Academy we enjoyed having a very talented student attend classes with us. Albert Park was a teenager at the time as I recall and was enrolled in Character Design 1. He did a fantastic job with his assignments and it was very clear that he was headed for great things in his career. 

Below are copies of 2 of his works which we have displayed on our Wall of Fame seen publicly for the first time. One is a full body 5 pose rotation which is a basic for professional character designers. This establishes what the character looks like. The next is a series of facial expressions of the character which is also a basic requirement for professionals as this helps describe the personality of the character. The material is then incorporated into the model package for the character and utilized in production as things move down the pipeline.

Since that time Albert has gone on to work at several top animation studios and is best known as a storyboard artist at Marvel Animation. You can see his IMDb credits here and you can also see his Facebook here

Adapting your artistic skills to the necessities of animation will help in be positioning oneself for professional opportunities as they develop.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Academy Legend - Sean Jimenez

Here's another example of the incredible talent that has come our way and contributed to our 20 year legacy. This art is from an assignment by Sean Jimenez when he was a student at the Academy back in our first year of 1998. First time the art has been seen publicly. He created this for Visual Development and Production design. The assignment was geared towards creating a thematic composition utilizing gray tomes. Sean did a great job. We have the art feaurued as part of our Wall of fame.

In today's industry Sean Jimenez is among the most accomplished of professionals working in the biz. His credits include Background Design Supervisor for Disney's "Gravity Falls" TV series. Click here to see IMDb credits for Sean Jimenez. You'll be amazed at his designs at this link to Sean's blog.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Spotlight on Autumn Galvin

One of our most creatively vibrant students is a young lady who's been with us for several years and is currently attending the Academy as an assistant instructor. Autumn Galvin is also enrolled at a local college where she's impressing the animation department with her imagination and her unique approach to her work as well as with her basic skills in design and draftsmanship. Below are a few examples of what she's created in class. You can follow Autumn Galvin on Facebook and in other social media venues.


Friday, January 19, 2018

The Animation Academy is 20 Years Old Today !!

A very special day as The Animation Academy in Burbank California celebrates our 20th anniversary! We conducted our first class on January 19 1998 with a group of 20 students in the back room of a local restaurant. Twenty years later the legacy of our school still plays a significant part in the history of the animation industry and more importantly in the lives of the many students we've had who've gone on to great creative careers.

THANK YOU to all the wonderful people and all the talented artists who've made this possible!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Nazil Collins - Emerging Artist

Here's a spotlight on Nazil Collins who has grown into a very promising talent. He's been with us for nearly 2 years and has developed a unique look and style to his work. Nazil is currently preparing his submissions to some choice universities and art school colleges in the area. We're confident he'll find a great place to exhibit his skills while he continues to be involved with the Academy in days ahead.

Monday, January 08, 2018

The Animation Academy in Burbank - Now and Then

Happy New Year to you! Thanks for checking in and for following the Academy's blog. Looking forward to featuring more great student art and other items of education and interest in 2018. This year will mark our 12th complete year in maintaining this blog.

Here's a special treat. Let's ring in the New Year by taking a rare look at the past. The Animation Academy has been operating at our current location in Burbank for several years now. Locals tell us that at one time there was an ice cream parlor where our building now stands. As fate would have it a few days ago I discovered a photo of our location dating way back to 1976. Take a look at the series of transitional photos and see what was here once upon a time.

Here's the Academy's building in a photo taken over the weekend on January 6 2018...

Here we are as the present slips away...

...and we start to get a glimpse of the past.

We can now see that at one time...

...there was a Fosters Freeze at our currently location in 1976.

The stories the locals told about what was once here have been proven to be true!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hannah Smith's Latest Showreel 2017

The talented Hannah Smith - student and assistant Character Design instructor at the Academy - has updated her latest animation showreel highlighting a big leap forward with her skill level. Hannah is proficient in ToonBoom which is an industry standard software for creating traditional hand drawn animation. Take a look at her wonderful work and visit her YouTube channel for more.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Hannah Smith Demo Reel 2016

Among our up and coming talent at The Animation Academy is Hannah Smith. She's been a stellar student in the time she's been with us and functions as a teacher's assistant in our Character Design 1 class. Hannah is a self starter and has become proficient in ToonBoom Harmony which is an industry standard software for creating traditional animation. Hannah has also been developing her YouTube channel and as of this writing she has more than 4,700 subscribers. She's developing her client base and has been accepting commissions.  A great beginning to her career! You can follow Hannah on YouTube through The Blue Wolf Studios channel. The video below showcases her animation demo reel for 2016.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Academy participates at Cartoon Network Art Auction

Catching up after a very busy summer here at The Animation Academy in Burbank California. A special event was held at Cartoon Network on June 2 2017. An art auction fundraiser on behalf of the Burbank Family Services Agency turned out to be a great success. Three artists from the Academy participated by creating original works and submitting them for auction. They were accepted and all 3 sold. Pictured are Maia Gross and Autumn Galvin. Both are dedicated students who've become instructors. Missing from the photo is Academy student Jessie Finch. Congrats everyone for contributing to this exciting and worthwhile event!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Art of the Week - July 15 2017

Class work of interest from several of our talented students these past few days along with instructor demos.

Autumn Galvin

Nazil Collins

Maia Gross

Adrienne Lim

Alanna Skye Livingston

Daniel Poghosyan

Andres Lerma