Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chris Tezber from the archives

A couple of years ago we had a student enrolled with us by the name of Chris Tezber. Chris left an impression, especially with the work he was doing in the Background Design class. Here's a sample of a class assignment he created while enrolled at the Academy. Clicking on the artwork will give you a better view.

Chris used blue pencil to establish and render his composition. One of the methods he utilized for enhancing the composition and adding interest to the visuals of his work was his use of contrasting tone. For example, take a look at the jazz club he has featured in this scene. It's easy to find since it's the area of the composition with the lightest tonal values, giving the impression that a light source is focused on the subject. By surrounding this area with darker controlled values, Chris was able to further define it as the compositional center of interest.

Chris came to the Academy from the School of Visual Arts in New York City where he had achieved a Bachelor of the Arts degree. We often have students with a previous art education enroll with us to build upon what they've experienced beforehand, as was the case with Chris.

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