Monday, July 17, 2006

Disney poster from Rich Lynes

Here's a great example of the level that many of the artists associated with The Animation Academy operate at, both in terms of quality and clients and/or employers. This is a recent poster published by the Walt Disney Company's consumer products division. The composition features Mickey Mouse in a situation reminiscent of the Who's rock opera "Quadrophenia" from the 1970s. The artist is Rich Lynes. Rich was previously the Academy's instructor in our Background Painting class. He is also a veteran of Disney Studios and Warner Bros Animation. Clicking on the graphics will provide a bigger view.

Rich used Photoshop to create this fantastic art worthy of the Disney Company and Disney fans. Rich tells us that the file size was so big that it took as many as 20 minutes for his computer to save changes to the file as he approached completion of the job. We're very happy and proud to enjoy a continuing relationship with Rich Lynes. To see more of his work, visit his web site.

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