Monday, January 15, 2007

Recent visitors to the Academy

We've been fortunate at the Academy to have so many top level professionals associated with the school as students, instructors and special guests. Here's a couple of artists who've made appearances at the Adult Session last semester.

Gregg Davidson is an established storyboard and development artist in animation. He taught at the Academy a few years ago and has recently published a book on storyboarding. His book is entitled "Cinematics Storyboard Workshop" and is a textbook we recommend at the school. For further information on Gregg Davidson's book, visit

Another visitor of distinction was Neal Sopata. Neal is a highly talented effects animation artist who works on high profile projects. He enrolled at The Animation Academy several years ago to further develop his basic skills in traditional media. Since then Neal has gone on to become an award winning filmmaker. His animated short films are widely acclaimed. One of them will be playing throughout the year on BET in the US cable market. Another film of his was picked up by a local Hollywood studio and developed into a pilot for an animated series.

Gregg Davidson and Neal Sopata are among many of the industry's leading talents who frequent the Academy. In the upcoming Semester 10.2 this March, we've scheduled several more top level speakers who'll be announced soon for the Adult Session.

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