Thursday, June 07, 2007

Snakebite visits the Academy

The Adult Session last Tuesday evening was an exciting one as we had the pleasure of hosting one of the industry's leading Photoshop artists. Snakebite was in attendance as our guest speaker and what a show he brought with him.

Astounding work that he's created in poster/print form, comics, clothing and apparel design and more. Magnificent artwork that inspired and motivated our group. Here's Snakebite as he fields a question from one of our students.

In the photo below, our students gather to get a closer look at the array of art that Snakebite displayed as part of his presentation.

We're fortunate to enjoy a long standing relationship with Snakebite. He began at the Academy in 1999 as a student, then went on to become our Photoshop instructor for several years. Everyone was thrilled at his visit and we're hoping to see him again in the near future. For a peek at some of Snakebite's art, visit his website at this link:

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