Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jack Enyart at the Academy

Our first guest speaker of this the 50th consecutive semester of The Animation Academy was Jack Enyart. Jack is an accomplished writer for animation and comics, having worked on many shows and studios over the years. Jack is also a career and project consultant which made his presentation at our last class that much more interesting.

Jack's presentation was lively and upbeat as he shares a laugh with our students. His visit was different than what we would normally feature when we have a guest speaker in that he focused on topics such as agents, entertainment attorneys, insider advice about pitching projects as well as his perspective about the efficiency of writing in getting multiple projects moving forward simultaneously.

Here he is contemplating a student's question.

Jack sells an audio CD with excellent career advice which can be accessed through his website.

You can also download the audio at a significant discount through this link:

We're grateful that Jack paid us a visit and took the time to educate the class about areas of the business of animation that students don't normally hear about and can benefit from. Thank you, Jack. We hope we can enjoy your company again in the near future.

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