Saturday, August 04, 2007

Academy at the ComicCon 07

By virtue of our illustrious alumni and associates, The Animation Academy was well represented ay the 2007 ComicCon in San Diego, California. Thanks to Kevin Poythress, former student and current assistant instructor, for these photos.

Richard Chavez, head of Visual Development at Sony Pictures Animation with Chance Raspberry, staff artist on The Simpsons.

David Colman from Cartoon Network, author of "The Art of Animal Character Design".

Former student and current assistant instructor James Lavelle Brown.

Jose Lopez, an original founding student of the Academy, character designer and author of "Mariachi Samurai".

Patrick Morgan, creator of "WhaleBoy".

John Nevarez of the Disney Studios.

Stephen Silver, author, educator and character designer.

Development artist Gary Montalbano and wife.

Last but not certainly not least, Kevin Poythress and company.

To see the blog that Kevin created of his 07 ComicCon experience, follow this link:

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