Friday, November 26, 2010

Marietta Semerdjian - B & A

The Academy is a program for professional training, and we're open to teens that can show a portfolio of their work and exhibit a desire to learn what it is that we have to teach.

Here's a good example of how a talented teen can improve once they begin with us. This is the work of Marietta Semerdjian. The first sample is what she was doing just prior to enrolling this past summer.

And here's what she's doing after one semester, approximately two months later.

Marietta still shows some anime influence in her art, but it's developed into a more sophisticated approach. Her attention to form is much better and her drawing is more solid. She's distinguishing herself with a unique style instead of mimicking one. All in all, she's done a fine job of taking her first significant steps towards professionalism.

Imagine what she'll be capable of in a couple more years when she's graduated from high school.

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