Monday, March 19, 2012

Practice what I teach

Now that we're in a new classroom location I'm joining in the fun by adapting an expanded approach to my instruction. I'm utilizing a method which I call 'practice what I teach'. It involves me doing the same assignment that I give my students.

For example, new students in Character Design 1 start off by sketching 10 distinct concept designs to get their projects going. I decided to do likewise, so I committed to developing 10 unique designs for a cubby bear theme I chose. Here's what I came with last week.

This technique helps our students by giving them a direct example of how to handle what can be a daunting challenge for beginners. Developing one's imagination and creative problem solving abilities as well as basic drawing and design skills. There's more to see in a topic I'm building in the Gallery of on the AnimationNation Forums.

The Academy helps talented artists achieve new creative heights through training in artistic fundamentals in an animation oriented venue. Enrollment is open on a monthly basis for both new and returning students. Please refer to the Academy's website for more details.

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