Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kiana Mosser's 'GriMagia' on Indiegogo

I'm happy to feature this project. It's a campaign on Indiegogo created by a team of young artists / entrepreneurs. Among them long time Academy student Kiana Mosser. She's a very talented young lady who is the Art Director, Editor, and an Artist on the project.

"GriMagia: Monster Girl Card Game" was launched a few days ago. It features beautifully rendered characters that are anime sexy and there's plenty of them. Their goal is $13,000 and so far they're making good headway with August 20 2014 as their deadline.

This is a direction many of our students are moving towards. Embracing the opportunities that crowdfunding presents and I'm happy to see Kiana and her colleagues heading that way.

Consider supporting this project if you would please and help spread the word about GriMagia through your networks.

Here's a look at the project along with a link to the campaign...

EDIT on August 11 2014.

With 10 days left in the GriMagia campaign on Indiegogo, Kiana Mosser and her team have just reached their $13,000 goal.

A group of high school aged artists have succeeded in their first crowdfunding venture. What a great way to start a professional career! ... card-game/

EDIT on August 22 2014.

Kiana Mosser's Grimagia campaign on Indiegogo tallied $27,521 in 30 days. More than twice the initial $13,000 goal.

Congratulations Kiana and to everyone associated with the project!