Friday, March 20, 2015

Project A / BC - The Animation Academy & Worthing Boys Club

We're collaborating with The Worthing Boys Club in West Sussex UK on a fund raising campaign! Three original drawings of the iconic video game character I developed Crash Bandicoot are being auctioned on eBay. The first auction wrapped up a few days ago and was very successful. The second auction is currently in progress until March 24 2015.

The third auction will follow soon. This is a great opportunity to help both the Academy in Burbank and a fine institution in England that's been around since 1936. Plus add to your collection of original character based art.

There's a story behind the drawings that are being auctioned. They spent more than 3 months in Brazil before they finally got to the UK. We thought they were lost in the mail forever but as it turned out, there was a happy ending after all.

Thanks for checking in and feel free to participate in these auctions and help to spread the word.

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