Thursday, March 22, 2007

Joshua Pina's wolfman

It's not unusual for students from the Academy's Teen Program to literally grow up with us. That's the case with Joshua Pina (pronounced PEEN-ya). Joshua's been attending classes for several years. He started as a gifted 11 year old, admitted early to the program due to his promising skills and maturity beyond his age. I'm happy to say that now at the age of 15, he hasn't let us down.

He's been featured before on the Academy's blog on June 14, 2006. The image below is one of Joshua's latest drawings. It's a profile view of a head design for a wolfman character he's developing. Click on the sketch for a better view.

Joshua continues to impress us every time he comes to class. His artwork is in many ways approaching a professional level. He draws with confidence and his work inspires other students to excel. Be looking for exciting things from him in the future.

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