Monday, March 19, 2007

Stephen Silver at the Academy

Our latest semester is underway and it's a special one in progress. We have a series of guest speakers lined up for the Adult Program. Our first guest speaker joined us last Tuesday evening on March 13 as renowned character designer Stephen Silver visited the class and gave an outstanding presentation and lecture.

Here he is signing copies of his latest book for several students from the class. The student at the right of the picture admiring Stephen's portfolio is Kris Anka. Kris has been featured on the Academy's blog before on April 7, April 11 and October 28, 2006.

The story of Stephen Silver's career is an inspiring one. He attended the Academy in the early years although he was already working in the industry. It wasn't long before he started teaching with us and his remarkable talent made a big impact on our students. Today, Stephen is working at the Disney Studios where he's currently involved in the redesign of a popular animated TV series. To see more of his work visit his website at

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