Thursday, December 16, 2010

Celebrating 12 years of ArtShark!

It's hard to belive that 12 years have gone by since ArtShark, the Academy's mascot, made his first public appearance. It was December, 1998 when he graced the cover of our schedules.

This is what he looked like back then, and this has since become part of the brand of The Animation Academy. The image was scanned from one of the original copies.

Few people realize there was a year of experimentation with characters before ArtShark came about as we know him today. In fact, this is the character and the artwork that appeared on the Academy's very first flyer back in December, 1997 as the school was getting ready to be launched.

As part of the celebration of the character who's served the Academy so well, I've started a topic on the Gallery Forum of which will serve as an exhibition of ArtShark artwork throughout the years. There's rare images I've posted from the first year of the Academy's existence before ArtShark came about, and the story of how the character was developed. I'll gradually be updating it until all of the ArtSharks that've been created will be on display.

You're welcome to follow the topic and enjoy the show by following the link below.

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