Friday, July 06, 2012

Ed Irizarry's BG Design work

A return student to the Academy, Ed Irizarry was previous with us years ago and wound up working at Walt Disney's Consumer Products division as a staff artist. Now he's back to take his formidable character designs skills to another level by studying Background Design. It's very beneficial for character centric artists to learn to create environments.

These are samples of Ed's first pass in the class. Exercises in composition and one point perspective. These were drawn freehand. No straight edges were used in Ed's sketches.

At the Academy attention on fundamentals are a key factor in building a solid artistic foundation that makes a big difference when producing work from the imagination. Your images become more convincing and before you know it you're creating new worlds.

Ed's gone beyond this already and is doing exceptional work but it's good to take a look at where he's starting. You can see more of the artwork of Ed Irizarry here.