Saturday, June 14, 2014

Luke Rathbun - Before and After

We often have professionals versed in other disciplines that take classes here at The Animation Academy in Burbank. Case in point is Luke Rathbun who is a tattoo designer with strong illustrative skills. He is currently enrolled in Character Design 1. In this instance Luke is developing his experience in character based concept art making the transition to adapting his designs to production.

In the example below you can see on the left where Luke started. On the right is his revised character concept with fundamentals applied to the process of concerted drawing. What a difference! Amazing what a few sessions at the Academy can do to one's art.

Once he had his basic concept down Luke embarked upon creating the design theory for his character. The basis of which is the traditional 5 pose rotation. Although there are areas that need further attention he did a fine job considering this is the first rotation he's ever attempted.

Luke is a great example of what many artists experience in our program. A profound advancement in the quality of their work on a fundamental level that gives them the knowledge and confidence to grow in exciting ways creatively. Nice going Luke! Looking forward to what you'll be coming up with next.