Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Marcello Frisina - Before and After

Catching up on some of the recent works and creative progress that our students are achieving. Here's another great example of the high level of growth Academy students experience. This is the first drawing that Marcello Frisina came up with when he was newly enrolled in Character Design 1.

Now take a look at what Marcello created as a student in Character Design 2. He's gone from an introductory skill level to one that approaches professional quality. These are 3 pose character rotation assignments intended for CG modeling of the design concepts. Clicking on the images will give you a better view.

Marcello is advancing very nicely. He is proving himself capable of generating concepts of his characters and can apply those designs to what would be called for in a production situation. We're all looking forward to what he'll be coming up with next as he continues to impress us with his emerging skills and design talent.