Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hugo Martin - before and after

One of the most effective methods for portraying the artistic growth that our students experience is by comparing their work before and after the instruction they've received at the Academy. Hugo Martin is a working professional in the video game industry. He's enrolled at the Academy to further improve and develop his skills. Here's what Hugo created last evening during the Adult Session. On the left is a sketch he came up with on his own prior to class. On the right is his next attempt after some guidance.

There's a considerable difference between these two drawings. In the before sketch, the figure has many small problems that affect the overall quality of the image. Especially in the torso and legs. In the after sketch, the figure has much more appeal and artistic competance. She isn't affected by anatomical design flaws and as such, becomes believable and enjoyable to look at. Nicely done. Results like these in just one session are not unusual at the Academy.

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