Monday, May 22, 2006

Kelsey Mann from the archives

One of the most notable students we've ever had at The Animation Academy was Kelsey Mann. Kelsey came to us from Minnesota. He relocated to the Los Angeles area so he could pursue his ambition of breaking into the industry via a local studio. Kelsey already had artistic training and some professional experience, but when he enrolled in our classes he really took off.

This is something from the school's archives. Kelsey designed the character and rendered him in markers. He created this classic 5 pose rotation as an assignment from his days in Character Design I. Clicking on the art will give you a better view.

Kelsey studied other subjects of which we have samples of his assignments in our archives. He eventually became an instructor with us. We'll feature more of his work as the Academy's blog progresses.

It wasn't long before he realized his goal and got a break in the biz. He's been working at Cartoon Network for several years now and on certain projects, he functions as a director. Kelsey is a remarkable artist. You can see more of his work by visiting his blog.

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