Thursday, May 04, 2006

Two more from the Teens

We've been fortunate to have as ongoing students within the Academy's Teen Program both Katherine Soldevilla (pronounced soldeVEEya) and Joshua Pina (pronounced PEENya). Katherine and Joshua started with us at about the same time at the tender age of 11 years old. The minimum age level to the Teen Program is 13, yet on occasion we make exceptions for students who show a high degree of artistic maturity even though they may be younger than the age limit. Katherine and Joshua are currently 14 years old. Katherine's art is on the left and Joshua's on the right.

Katherine exhibits good basic drawing, design and compositional skills while experimenting with a variety of media including markers and pens. Joshua's strong drawing skills are backed by a vivid imagination and a unique creative vision to his subject.

Katherine and Joshua as well as other students of ours from within the Teen Program are approaching a professional level with their work years before their contemporaries. A testament to the quality of the Academy's training and to the exceptional disposition and dedication of our students.

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