Thursday, May 03, 2007

Amy Paulson's perspective

A student who's made significant gains in her skills since she started attending classes at the Academy is Amy Paulson. She's been featured before on the Academy's blog on August 2, October 16 and December 13, 2006 and it's a pleasure to bring attention to her again as she develops her talent in Background Design.

This is some of her latest work, a class exercise in two point perspective. Clicking on the image will give you a better view.

Amy has focused on Character Design and is challenging herself in Background Design. She's making the same kind of progress that we've been accustomed to seeing from the time she first enrolled in our program. By focusing on fundamentals, Amy will become as confident with her compositional skills in background design and perspective as she's becoming in other areas of her art.

To see more of Amy's work, visit her website at this link:

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