Saturday, May 26, 2007

Patrick Morgan at the Academy

The adult session this past May 22 enthusiastically welcomed Patrick Morgan as a guest speaker. Patrick is a former Academy student who's gone on to a celebrated career as an artist in animation. Here he is with his latest creative endeavors, two self published full color sketchbooks and just on the market, his Whaleboy toy complete with interchangable facial expressions.

We're excited about what Patrick has happening with Whaleboy. It's currently in new series development at Nickelodeon with good prospects that it will get a green light and move forward into production.

Patrick is an outstanding character designer and visual development artist. He was very generous, encouraging and helpful with our students. His portfolio presentation was the highlight of the evening. To see more of Patrick Morgan's work, click on his name to the right of the page under the Academy Alumni links. Feel free to visit the site for his new Whaleboy toy:

We're very appreciative of the time Patrick spent with us last Tuesday evening and we're looking forward to having him return as a guest speaker again in the not too distant future. Students and staff happily send their thanks.

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