Monday, April 10, 2006

Character designs by Andre Medina

One of the aspects of The Animation Academy that makes it a unique experience in art education is the mix of working professionals that we have attending our classes. It's not unusual for an artist employed at a local studio or someone with previous professional credentials to enroll in a class with us to improve their skills, learn something new or just keep their chops up.

Andre Medina has studied at the Academy before and returned recently under similar circumstances after working on a feature film that is scheduled for release this coming summer. Here's a few character design concept sketches he recently created while in class.

Andre's designs are simple yet effective and strong, inspired by a classical approach to character design with a contemporary touch. Good draftmanship, nice line quality and fun thematic characters wth some innovative design approaches. Happy to be presenting Andre's work here on the Academy's blog.

More great art to showcase on the way.

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