Monday, April 24, 2006

Jennifer Megara's character rotation

Last semester we had the pleasure of having Jennifer Megara enrolled in the Character Design I course at the Academy. Jennifer is a working professional involved in web design and development for a major toy company here in California. As part of her productivity requirements for the class, she created this five pose rotation of a character she came up with. Click on the artwork for a better view.

Character rotations are a very important aspect of the character design process. They are used for model purposes in the production once a character has been established. In both 2D (traditional) and 3D (digital) animation, rotations provide crucial information about the design of a character and helps the animators, storyboard and layout artists better understand how the character appears from a particular view. This was Jennifer's first attempt at a character rotation and although there are still a few small fixes that need some attention, overall she did a fine job.

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