Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ray Villalba - before and after

One of the ways in which we gauge and prefer to showcase the progress of our students is to compare their work at the beginning of their experience with The Animation Academy, with what they create after they've spent some time with us. Here's a sample from Ray Villalba (pronounced vee-ALL-ba) whose been enrolled in our adult program.

The drawing on the left is from early on. The drawing on the right is what he was doing later after attending to his comprehension of anatomy and focusing on his draughtsmanship and creativity. The after drawing is more dynamic, shows much more confidence, is more appealing stylistically and is overall a much better attempt than the before drawing.

Results like these are typical of Academy students.

Ray has his own blog if you'd like to visit and see what else he's been up to with his art.

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