Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tips on navigating content

If you're familiar with the way that content is published on a weblog format, then you're aware of the method of tracking posts. If you're not familiar with how content is presented through a blog format, here's how to follow the Academy's forthcoming presentations.

Blog technology publishes new content atop of previous posts. It's a little like reading backwards, or starting at the end of a book and working your way forward towards the front cover, chapter by chapter. To track content publication, scroll down the page. The first becomes last and the last first.

When content is presented it will become archived. Note at the right of the page, there's a heading labeled "Last 10 Posts" as well as "Archives". Content will be saved in the Archives area according to the month it was published on the blog. Content in the Last 10 Posts area is archived according to each individual publication in the order in which it was first published, the most recent post showing at the top of the list. As the heading suggests, only the last 10 posts to the blog will be featured here. You may view previous entries by either scrolling down the page or accessing the monthly Archives.

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