Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Larissa Marantz fools the eye

And now for something completely different. Larissa Marantz is another founding student of The Animation Academy. Larissa became a character designer for the popular "Rugrats" animated television series on Nickelodeon. She also illustrated a series of Rugrats childrens books for the Simon Schuster publishing company. Here's what she did recently that is unlike anything else she's done before.

This kind of painting is called "trompe l'oiel". The term is French for "fool the eye". The technique is used in homes to make it seem as if one is looking upon an actual scene when in fact it is a wall painting. The example above is something that Larissa did for a private residence. Everything from the grapevine to the stone window frame to the orchard beyond was painted by Larissa on a wall. The picture above is a photo of her work.

You can see the line of Rugrats books she illustrated by following this link to SimonSays.com, a division of Simon Schuster, Inc.


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