Friday, April 14, 2006

Luke Kruse - before and after

Here's another example of the kind of progress our students make when they apply what they learn at the Academy to their art. Luke Kruse is in our adult program while enrolled at a local university. We often have students in Luke's situation taking classes with us to supplement their education from another school.

The before drawing on the left is tentative. The artist isn't quite sure of the design direction, whether to take it towards the realistic or cartoony. The anatomy is off and there's a lot of small things that aren't coming together. In the after drawing on the right, there's a big difference. Luke's anatomy is much more solid, the direction of his design is clear, and he's confident enough in what he's doing to venture into a character rotation. The before and after drawings were created in the same semester, a few sessions apart from each other. Nice job, Luke!

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