Thursday, April 27, 2006

Marco Lee - before and after

Another of the many talented students associated with the Academy's Teen Program is Marco Lee. As with Lauren in the previous entry, Marco is 13 years old. Here's an example of what's he's done recently to address a recurring problem in his character design work.

Marco has an ability to design interesting characters and especially enjoys getting into the costumes and props that his characters would wear and utilize. In the two drawings on the left, Marco struggled with the anatomical proportions of his characters. It's one thing to consciously distort anatomical proportions, quite another when these distortions are an unintended result. In the before drawings, the characters' torsos are elongated and awkward. Once Marco focused on correcting this problem, the results he achieved were a big step up from what he was doing before as can be seen in the after example on the right. A much more suitable design anatomically for what he was trying to do.

Marco is a student whom we have high hopes for. We're enthusiastic about his future creative prospects.

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