Thursday, February 21, 2019

Tyler Mahn's Art

A relatively new student who's been with us as of late is Tyler Mahn. He's a talented artist who was looking to gain experience in the area of character design so he enrolled with us and has been doing an impressive job since. You can see more of Tyler's work at this link. He also has a YouTube channel that has thousands of followers.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Kya Cabunoc's Art

We've had the pleasure of Kya Cabunoc's participation at the Academy for the better part of 2 years as she works her way through high school. This spring she'll be graduating with her skill levels at a high point. Last summer Kya attended a special program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she wowed everyone with her talent. Here's a sampling of some recent work she's come up with focusing on Character Design and Visual Development.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

"What is a Storyboard Artist?"

The Animation Guild in Burbank is our industry's union. This week they've been featured in an animated video showcasing the benefits of being a union member highlighted from the Storyboard Artists' perspective. The video was created by Animation Guild Member Louie Zong.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Joel Valdez launches a new YouTube channel

Joel Valdez is an excellent character designer. Recently he's expanded his skillset by delving into landscape painting in acrylics. He's launched a dedicated YouTube channel featuring videos of his creative process. Here's the latest video by which he features his painting process to capture the beauty, magic and allure of the area around his hometown of Tucson Arizona. You're welcome to like the video and subscribe to his developing channel...

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Happy Birthday To Us! 21 Years and a New Place!

Hello everyone! I'm happy to share the joy of celebrating the 21st anniversary of The Animation Academy in Burbank California! It was on this day January 19 1998 that we held our first class in the back room of a local restaurant. And for 21 years since we have kept it going!

Here's some additional good news for this special occasion. We're moving from our location on Magnolia Boulevard to a splendid facility on Hollywood Way. Still in the Magnolia Park region. Still in the same zip code. And just a few blocks away from the Warner Bros Studio main lot plus just 2 blocks away from Warner Bros TV Animation and just 1 block from the Animation Guild which is the union for our industry.

Some great additional news is that we'll be located in the same building as Center Stage Gallery which is a dedicated showplace for animation art and is owned by CTN (the Creative Talent Network) which is a major artist oriented organization and which sponsors a huge expo every year just down the road in November.

We'll be conducting our first class session at our new location (847 N Hollywood Way Suite 204) this coming Monday evening January 21. Here's a first look at where we're moving to. 

Thank you to our friends here on Blogger who've been following us all these years. Very best wishes to you and Keep Creating !!

Charles Zembillas
The Animation Academy
Burbank California


This is the building we're moving to on Hollywood Way. Our new home!

Here's the front entrance...

Our main classroom. Very spacious! Much more room than before.

Lots of natural light...

This is a look towards the back room. This area will be used as our library and archive...

A look back towards the main classroom. We have additional office and storage space as well...

Beyond this door is where all our new magic will happen!  

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Happy New Year 2019 !!

Greetings to our friends and followers here on the Academy's blog! We've been maintaining this blog since 2006 and it's great to be continuing with you as we enter into a very exciting upcoming year. I have some special news to share with everyone about some positive developments and I'll do doing soon.

Meanwhile here's something to spread some joy and happiness and to give a face to the Academy and all the wonderful people associated with us this past year. If you were with us in 2018 you'll likely see your self in the class portrait below. 

Have a terrific 2019 everyone and Keep Creating!!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

When John Nevarez Was Here

Many times when students inquire or enroll with us they're amazed when they find out the incredible artists who once  attended the Academy as students. Recently I dug up some treasure from our archives and discovered a trove of art from the great John Nevarez when he was here as a student. John eventually became an instructor with us. After several wonderful years enjoying his presence and generous enthusiastic creativity he eventually made it to Pixar where he's enjoyed a fabulous career with his most current credits on "Coco".

Here are some samples of original art that John created in the early 2000's. This is a small sample of a large quantity of work he left us to remember him by from his days at the Academy.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hannah Smith on Patreon - Process animation video

She's been a fantastic student and now she's showcasing her animation expertise on Patreon. This is Hannah Smith's latest video where she features her animation process from the initial rough footage to the final color version. Hannah is proficient in Toonboom which is industry standard software for traditional hand drawn animation. Hannah has also started a Patreon account to help move her production along. Take a look at The Blue Wolf Studios on Patreon and consider supporting this emerging talent and her outstanding work. You can also follow Hannah Smith's Blue Wolf Studios on YouTube.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Joshua Lam - Drawing / Coloring Video

Academy alum Joshua Lam of Running Deer Publishing has created a speed drawing / painting demonstration video that highlights fundamental basics in both constructing a character and rendering the image in color. You can see more of Joshua's Running Deer content on YouTube.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Joshua Lam launches Running Deer Publishing

Another of our many exceptional students over the years has launched an exciting new venture. Joshua Lam is a professional graphic designer who studied with us at various times during his career. His latest project involves the publishing of a new iBook entitled "Water" through a company he's formed called Running Deer Publishing. The launch date for Water is April 19. You can find out more at the Academy's Facebook where there's plenty of related links to enjoy. Meanwhile have a look at Joshua's videos as he describes Running Deer Publishing and also provides a demo in digital illustration.