Thursday, June 24, 2010

William Ruzicka's storyboard

Last fall, William Ruzicka enrolled in the Storyboarding class I conduct. I knew him from Cal State University Northridge where we was a standout student in the Animation Drawing class I teach there.

The storyboard he created at the Academy is one of the best ever done by a student at the school. I've been waiting for him to get me copy of it so I could feature his work on the Academy's blog. In this case, through a link to the Gallery section of the new forums at

The method I use for teaching storyboards is different than what most may experience, and I get great results as a result. In the case of Will's work, I used a live action script from a Clint Eastwood move "In the Line of Fire" and had him board the first couple of pages. Thanks to the technology of AN's new forums, I was able to easily upload his work. Click on the first image, and a bigger window will appear that will allow you to go through all 25 pages of his storyboard. A link to William's blog is at the end of the images on the actual topic. By the way, he's currently working as a professional storyboard artist thanks in large part to the storyboard he created in class.

Enjoy William's board...

Here's a link to his blog...