Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday classes on the way

Hello everyone, especially current and former Academy students, and also to folks out there considering enrolling in our program.

The Animation Academy started in the back room of a local restaurant in Burbank in January, 1998. I launched the business with an investment of $15 that was used for stamps and envelopes to mail out announcements the month before. Since that time, we've had students into the thousands who've taken classes with us. We've literally changed the face of the animation industry with the quality of our training and with the success of a great many of our students.

For years, we were located in a large facility down the street from Disney Studios, NBC and Warner Brothers on Olive Avenue in Burbank, which turned out to be a building that Don Bluth was previously occupying for production purposes. The building was in a redevelopment zone and we were successful in garnering community support and convincing the Burbank City Council to approve the construction of a proposed complex on behalf of our landlord.

We were to be tenants within the complex once it was completed and moved to the Burbank Association of Realtors building on Tuesday evenings, in anticipation of this project. Unfortunately, when the economy tanked a couple of years ago, so did the project.

We've always planned on expanding our program again and I'm happy to announce that as of this coming November, we'll be offering Thursday evening sessions for the first time since we left our building.

Classes will be held in Burbank, close to where we operate on Tuesdays. We have a nice room reserved that is perfectly suited for what we do. My plan is to make Thursday evenings available for students who want to take more than one class with us. The primary focus of the class will be on advanced subjects such as Visual Development and/or Storyboarding. Enrollment will be limited to approximately 6 students in very concerted and specialized sessions.

There'll be 6 sessions over 2 months, and pricing will be consistent with what we already charge, which is pretty darn great considering the excellence of the education that's offered.

This is the first notice about the Thursday evening sessions, and I'll be posting more info through the Academy's venues. Meantime, feel free to contact us if you'd like to get in on it.

Our office number is 818-848-6590 or you can reach us by email through our website.

Keep Creating!