Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Einav Deri's progress

I first brought this emerging artist to the attention of the Academy's blog on November 15 of last year, then again on June 13 of this year. I'm happy to feature her once again as she continues to make big strides with her art. It was two years ago at this time that Einav Deri came here from Israel to begin her art education. She was a beginner who had a lot of dedicated determination to excel. After her time with us, she enrolled at the Israeli Animation College in Tel Aviv where she is currently a standout student. Here's am example of the work she's doing now that she is translating her 2D character design to 3D.

Einav has been interning for ARG! Cartoon Studio in the US for the past several months, with a project she helped storyboard scheduled to broadcast on Nickelodeon as a commercial on October 10. She is also the lead Character Designer for a project in development at a company creating animated Facebook apps. For more info on what's happening with Einav, check out the links to her sites.


Congratulations Einav! This is just the beginning for you. Everyone at The Animation Academy in Burbank says hello and wishes you continued success with your career.