Friday, July 18, 2008

Checking in...

Hello there students and friends of The Animation Academy. Thanks for stopping by. It's been several weeks since I've posted on the Academy's blog, but not for lack of activity with our school. On the contrary, there's been a lot happening.

I've just returned from Fresno, California where I was the lead instructor for the first three days at the California State University Summer Arts Program 2008, a college credit workshop in the arts that is sponosred by the Cal State University system, the largest state university system in the country. I launched the two week long animation workshop and gave a public lecture as well. The workshop began with a seminar in character design and is now taken over by the 3D modeling and animation instructors. It'll wrap up on July 26. The Animation Academy was well represented not only by myself, but with Kevin Poythress, a former student and current instructor with us who's participating in the Summer Arts Program.

Now that the Summer Arts animation workshop is under way, I'm back in Burbank where we'll be hosting the great Photoshop artist Snakebite as he returns to spend an evening in our company this coming Tuesday, July 22.

Also worth mentioning, at the end of the month, my very first book is scheduled to be shipped. A special publication that I'm excited to be offering. It's being published by The Animation Academy, and when it arrives, I'll provide more information as to the nature of the book and where it can be purchased. Just a few more days to go.

Thanks again for checking in, folks. Wishing you well and as always, Keep Creating!