Monday, September 09, 2013

Class art from Chari Pere

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of Chari Pere's participation in Character Design 1. She successfully completed the class and will be returning next month to continue her creative studies. Chari is a  cartoonist who's been making inroads with her career through independent projects she's been developing. You can see Chari's website here.
Let's take a look at some of what she created in her Character Design class. Chari focused on nurturing her own style while focusing on fundamentals and the difference they make when applied to your art.
After Chari completed her concept designs she moved into a production mode. First she established the definitive look of her character through a rotation. The three pose rotation you see below is suitable for modeling the character in a 3D program. Next she delved into her facial expressions, action attitude poses, and finished off with a rendered dimensional drawing suitable for visual development. Solid work from a talented artist. Looking forward to what Chari will be coming up with upon her return.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Carlos Del Castillo on live TV in LA - August 25 2013

We had a surprise this past August 25 2013 when one of our students was featured on live TV in Los Angeles. The KTLA Morning News put a spotlight on Carlos Del Castillo, a talented artist and one of our youngest students. Carlos has been at the Academy for several months. He is a very promising student with a high degree of skill for his age. Watch how well he handles a live broadcast...