Monday, October 15, 2012

Kristen Robertson's color studies

In a recent session of our Visual Development class Kristen Robertson did a nice job on an assignment she was given to create a variety of different moods for a background composition she created through the use of planned color schemes. Her medium  was color markers. Each study evokes a unique feeling. By applying basic color theory the single composition becomes differing versions that imply time of day and emotion as well as design abstractions. A very good exercise. See more of Kristen's work by following this link to her blog.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Emergence of Allan Ceccaldi

It's always an exciting experience for me to showcase an emerging artist from the students of the Academy. This is some of the work of Allan Ceccaldi. Allan started with us about a year ago, took some time off, then came back on a scholarship that was awarded to him upon graduation from an arts organization in California. A Burbank resident, he went through the Character Dersign aspect of our program and really started taking off once he got into Background Desiogn. These are some recent graphite pencil tonal studies he's created from his Visual Development class along with a blue pencil rendering from his BG Design class. A huge artistic leap forward as Allan is discovering his strengths.You can visit Allan Ceccaldi's blog at this link.