Saturday, July 25, 2015

Art of the Week - July 25 2015

Recent work from our talented students...

Joshua Pina

Dawn Glover

Marcello Frisina

Jamie Graham

Rajaa Alqadeeb

Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Animation Academy - Special Projects Program

Hello everyone especially to those of you who've been following the Academy's blog. We've been utilizing Blogger since April 2006. That's well over 9 years. So much has happened with many talented individuals having passed through our experience along with much history even before the blog started and with many new and interesting students still coming to us.

I'm happy to take this opportunity to introduce something new that we'll be initiating at the school.

We're launching a Special Projects aspect to our program that will enable qualified students to move ahead into character based intellectual property development centered upon creative projects originating from the Academy and a group of highly skilled and highly experienced industry professionals who will be supervising each project. The goal of which will be to advance these projects towards crowdfunding and subsequently into production.

Special Projects is in the works and on the way! This will create many new opportunities for our students as well as provide an outlet for all the amazing things that go on here creatively. We're a very unique community and this will help us share our innovative approach for education and vocational training in animation far beyond what we've been able to do so far.

Thank you for checking in with us! Updates to follow. Meanwhile you know what we say around here... Keep Creating !!!

Charles Zembillas
President, Director and Founder
The Animation Academy
Burbank California