Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catching up with Sean Jimenez

One of the first students we had when the Academy structured a dedicated Visual Development class was Sean Jimenez. He was my student even before I launched the school. Sean joined us in 1998. This is a sample of Sean's student work from that period. It's mounted and displayed in the classroom on our wall of fame.

We lost touch with Sean over the years. Last I heard he was continuing his education at CalArts and doing well. That was quite a while ago. This week by chance I discovered where Sean is and what he's doing. Very happy to report that Sean Jimenez is currently the Background Design Supervisor at Disney TV working on Gravity Falls. Another of our many former students who went on to great success in animation.

Follow this link to see his blog. Congratulations on your achievements Sean and best wishes for the future. Keep Creating!