Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Expanding the Burbank Program

Hello everyone.

I'm happy to report that the Academy's program will be changing in the New Year. For some time now we've been offering classes in a creative workshop environment held one evening per week in Burbank. This was a great place for class but was a temporary situation. Starting next semester on January 3, 2012, we'll be conducting our sessions in a dedicated classroom located in the same building as our administrative office.

Although the weekly workshop classes have been very beneficial and great fun, moving back to a dedicated classroom environment will enable us to schedule sessions whenever we want. We'll be having a different class each night of the week, Monday through Thursday evenings to start. Instead of dividing students into groups depending upon what they are studying, we'll be able to focus on each specific subject as we did before, making every course even more effective.

We'll also be able to set up our equipment for the venerable Character Animation class, which we weren't able to do before due to the limitations of the space we were working out of.

Also, students who would like to take more than one class at a time will be able to do so without a problem, as long as the prerequisite for the class is met.

I'm excited about this development and enthusiastically looking forward to the new setup. We'll be able to access and utilize our extensive educational archives much easier. We'll be working with smaller groups and really be able to concentrate on each individual student more effectively. We'll be able to supply each class with more material for creating, and we'll even be able to bring back our production internship program as well.

It's all very good news.

We're in the process of updating our homepage to reflect the change in our schedule. It'll be posted very soon. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or are interested in enrolling in our program, please feel free to contact the Academy by calling 818-848-6590. You can also reach us via email by visiting our website.

Thank you, and remember that everything is possible if you Keep Creating!

Charles Zembillas
President and Founder
The Animation Academy
Burbank, California