Thursday, June 22, 2006

James Brown / Kris Anka collaborate

Students at The Animation Academy frequently work together in collaborative creative efforts. In this example from the Adult Program, James Brown (not to be confused with the godfather of soul) and Kris Anka whose work has been previously featured here on the Academy's blog, have combined their skills resulting in this presentation. James created the design for a ninja girl and Kris digitally colored his drawing in Illustrator.

Collaborative teamwork like this is part of the process of working in animation production. Some artists will focus their skills in one aspect of the process while others who specialize in a different discipline will pick it up from there and carry it further down the line towards a final result. That's one of the exciting aspects of working in the animation industry. It's a group endeavor requiring the contributions of many talented people striving towards a common creative goal. James and Kris have accomplished this in a small but significant way. Nice job, guys.

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