Saturday, August 05, 2006

Arnold Doong revisited

We enjoy continuing communications with many of our students even after they've gone on from the Academy to other things in life. Recent correspondence with former student Arnold Doong has prompted me to feature him once again here on the Academy's blog. To see the previous post that featured Arnold's work, scroll down for the May 11 entry.

Arnold has strong illustrative skills which he utilized effectively in his studies in Character Design, Background Design and Visual Development. Here are more samples of his work. This is from his first class in Visual Development. Arnold used markers to render these two designs.

Arnold created the fantasy land below in his first experience with our Background Design course, incorporating the rendering skills he developed in Visual Development with what he already had in his artistic arsenal from his previous art education at other area schools.

To view more of Arnold's work feel free to visit his online portfolio by following this link:

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