Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vis Dev from Ariel Acosta

When an animated project is prepared for production, every aspect of it has to be designed. Nothing is left unattended. This process is called Visual Development and is closely associated with production design.

Ariel Acosta has been studying at the Academy for some time and has focused on Visual Development. In this recently completed sample, his assignment was to design a bowl of fruit that one would find in an alien household on another planet. Clicking on the picture will give you a better view.

Ariel used blue pencil to sketch out his concept and render the tones. His approach was interesting. Although the fruit may not be appealing to Earthlings, that wouldn't necessarily be the case with an alien civilization. Ariel got a good start with this aspect of his project. We'll no doubt be seeing more from this talented students of ours in the future.

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