Monday, November 06, 2006

Alan Simmons from the archives

The Animation Academy is distinguished by its long list of successful students, associates, instructors and professional colleagues. Alan Simmons has been an avid supporter of the school and what it stands for ever since our inception in 1997.

Mr. Simmons is a veteran designer in the industry, renowned for his work on the Batman and Superman productions at Warner Bros. TV Animation. He is currently a designer at Disneyland Entertainment. Below is a grayscale marker demonstration he created for the Background Design class he was teaching a few years ago. Clicking on the image will provide a better view.

Alan Simmons is an Oxford educated artist with a passion for great design and architecture. His influences include Frank Lloyd Wright. He embraces social issues that affect the human condition and is active in the community in regards to these issues.

We're scheduling an appearance by Mr. Simmons at one of our adult sessions soon. Hopefully this semester in our Background Design class which all of our currently enrolled students will be welcome to attend.

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