Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Strong Artists

That's what we're known for throughout the industry and the world. The Animation Academy has an extraordinary legacy in developing fundamental skills that are necessary for achieving a successful career in animation no matter what your medium. Whether it's 2D or 3D, what you learn with us will enhance your talent and inevitabley improve your art. If you work in animation, if you work in a related creative field, if you're attending another school or just getting started, you'll benefit greatly from the strength of our program and the emphasis we place on developing a solid fundamental foundation, especially in the many areas of pre-production design and intellectual property development.

We're planning some changes in 2010 that will help move things along better for current and prospective students, including monthly enrollment as opposed to bi-monthly, and we plan on taking our program online and welcoming the many artists all over the world who would like to participate in the Academy's educational experience but who aren't able to make it to Burbank.

So stay in touch, I'll be updating you with news as things develop.

Keep creating! It's the key to your success.

Charles Zembillas
President and Founder
The Animation Academy
Burbank, California

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