Monday, November 15, 2010

Einav Deri - Before and After

I gauge a student's progress based upon the artwork they create when they start with us, and then compare it with what they're doing a short while later. Here's a good example of how an individual can grow as a result of their participation in our program.

Einav Deri came all the way from Israel to take classes at the Academy. She was particularly interested in Character Design. On the left is a drawing she did the very first day of her class in September, 2009. On the right is what she's doing today.

Another example of Einav's creative growth. On the left, a character she drew prior to attending classes. On the right, something recent.

Here's a study of a head design she came up with for Visual Development, rendered tonally in grays and in color.

Currently Einav is attending animation school in her country and is a standout student thanks to her dedication, determination and the time she spent getting her fundamental skills down at The Animation Academy in Burbank. Her peers flock to her to pick her brain as to what she knows about design and drawing. The Academy helped put her on a solid path to professionalism. She's a rising star and there's little doubt as to the success she'll be experiencing in her career.

To see more of what Einav is up to creatively, visit her blog at

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