Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sharing VisDev Lessons - Exploring Werewolves

It's October and the perfect time of the year to be sketching up a Wolfman!

In the Visual Development 1 class here at the Academy we emphasize the importance of gray scale tonal values, textures and rendering in simple mediums. Here are a couple of examples I created while working with students recently. 

You can follow the process from sketching the initial composition in blue line and then continuing into graphite pencil and finishing in black line.

This was followed up by another werewolf concept in full body using the same mediums of blue line, graphite and black line pen.

There was an additional concept sketch in between the two that's been left in blue line...

Creating is contagious! The Animation Academy in Burbank wishes you happy times coming up with fun images and concepts to draw.