Monday, February 12, 2018

Albert Park's class artwork from 2004

Way back in the earlier years of The Animation Academy we enjoyed having a very talented student attend classes with us. Albert Park was a teenager at the time as I recall and was enrolled in Character Design 1. He did a fantastic job with his assignments and it was very clear that he was headed for great things in his career. 

Below are copies of 2 of his works which we have displayed on our Wall of Fame seen publicly for the first time. One is a full body 5 pose rotation which is a basic for professional character designers. This establishes what the character looks like. The next is a series of facial expressions of the character which is also a basic requirement for professionals as this helps describe the personality of the character. The material is then incorporated into the model package for the character and utilized in production as things move down the pipeline.

Since that time Albert has gone on to work at several top animation studios and is best known as a storyboard artist at Marvel Animation. You can see his IMDb credits here and you can also see his Facebook here

Adapting your artistic skills to the necessities of animation will help in be positioning oneself for professional opportunities as they develop.

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