Friday, May 11, 2012

Alexa Terry Hanson returns

Late last year we had a standout out student who was with us for a short while, made an impact with her art and has since come back to the Academy. Alexa Terry Hanson is one of many students enrolled in our program who are among the stand out students of the industry. If you're enrolled at the Academy and you're doing well, our standards are such as that you would be at a professional level.

That's the case with Alexa. Here's one of her early assignments in Character Design 1. This is what she was doing with her first pass into our program. It's a basic exercise and a professional requirement for all character designers to be able to rotate their concepts. This is Alexa's head turn assignment. For a better view click on the image.

You'll soon be seeing more great stuff from this talented student. Looking forward to it Keep creating excellent art, Alexa.
To see Alexa Terry Hanson's blog click here.