Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Justin Noel to Cal Arts

I'm happy to report that we have yet another student who's made it into a world class degree granting animation program. Justin Noel was a senior in high school when he enrolled at the Academy last year. After spending a couple of semesters with us, he was accepted into 9 colleges and universities he applied to. He decided to go with CalArts in Valencia, California.

After completing Character Design 1 at the Academy, Justin has returned to work on his Visual Development skills as he prepares to enter Cal Arts in the fall. Here's what he did last week in class. His assignment involved developing his concept sketches while accommodating for a light source and using shadow to describe form within his designs while being mindful of important tonal relationships. Clicking on the image will give you a better view.
An extremely creative individual with a unique artistic vision, Justin is a very strong illustrator. Take a look at his blog and you'll see how talented he is. He'll be ready to take on all challenges by the time he heads to Valencia after the summer.

The Animation Academy has produced some of the most outstanding students that have attended CalArts since the founding of our school in 1998. I'm confident that Justin Noel will contribute to our legacy there. Congratulations and good luck Justin! Wishing you much success.